All Glass LED G9 Capsule (same size as a standard halogen) 2W 250 lumen Pod lamps

All Glass LED G9 Capsule (same size as a standard halogen) 2W 250 lumen Pod lamps

A brand new all glass, same size as a halogen, LED G9 capsule has just arrived.

Until now the standard LED G9 has been a bit of a problem for designers. Modern light fittings are still having to have the standard energy consuming halogen G9 fitted. This is because the halogen by its very nature can be manufactured in glass in a very tiny capsule.

If you search for G9 LED capsules in Google you'll see hundreds of LED versions that in comparison to a standard halogen lamps are very big. The reason for this is that LED lamps until now needed to have some circuitry for the LED driver in the base of the lamp. But not any more.

Ecogold Lamps first developed the plastic G9 capsule without the need for a driver. These driver less LED's care also used in the new filament lamps which have become very popular.

This in itself was innovative and reduced the size of the capsule so that it would fit into 95% of modern fittings. It overcome the need for a halogen and designers could now fit a standard LED 2700 kelvin capsule. However, the cover was white plastic. The need for a white plastic cover was to hide the light emitting diodes. Some manufacturers don't even hide the diodes and these look alien to the chandelier or light fitting. In addition, the Ecogold original LED version is a 2.5 W and produces 230 lumens. 

Another First in innovative design from Ecogold Lamps 

Today, another breakthrough releases the Ecogold all glass G9 capsule. Its the exact same size as a standard halogen capsule. Its all clear glass finish looks superb and is hailed a major breakthrough in technology. Utilizing the enhanced no driver diodes, this lamp also boasts just 2 Watts (half a watt lower than it's predecessor) and a massive 250 lumens out of this tiny capsule.

Already tested by a major house builder, the Ecogold clear - all glass, same size as a standard halogen G9 capsule is set to be a winner with aesthetic appeal and design. The 2700 kelvin colour gives it a sharp but warm appeal for added ambiance and when lit up you cant differentiate it from a standard glass halogen. 

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