Ecogold GU10 4W LED 3000K White Energy Saving Spotlight

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Ecogold GU10 4W LED 3000K White Energy Saving Spotlight

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This GU10 4W LED 4000K cool white energy saving spotlight from Ecogold Lamps is housed in an aluminium vented housing that creates convection through the lamp and onto the driver. The benefit of this provides a very efficient cooling system for the LED driver and components.

Ecogold Lamps also tell us this is a commercial lamp with over 50,000 already installed in business premises and hotels and due to this superb cooling system the lamp is lasting for more than 4 years whilst being lit up for more than 8 hours per day in ambient temperatures of more than 25°c in commercial conditions. This places this Ecogold Lamp as one of the most robust lamps we have seen. You won't find that with any other GU10 on the market thats for sure.

In addition, the lamp has been manufactured with a heavy duty driver and high quality capacitor and will withstand up to 264V. The benefit of this higher than normal voltage is significant and protects the lamp from any surge in power that would normally over load the circuit and reduce life. Other lower cost GU10’s are only manufactured to 230V.

In addition, 3 x high powered LED chips provide a good 280lm of light output and these are protected with a diffused magnifier reflector giving a nice rounded soft light with a 38° Beam Angle.


  • Uses only 4 Watts of energy
  • Energy Rating A+++
  • 3000 Kelvin (White in colour)
  • 280 lumen (light output)
  • Robust aluminium finned convection housing for fast heat dissipation
  • 20,000 hrs long life
  • 38° Beam Angle
  • CRI >8 (The naked eye see true colours at >8)
  • Manufactured 240V to 264V
  • Will fit any standard GU10 fitting

Energy Saving Values:

  • A real saving of 96% compared with a 50W halogen lamp
  • Typical savings £15.77 per lamp per annum based on a typical 6hrs usage per day
  • Based on the above figures this Ecogold GU10 Lamp would pay for its self within 4 months

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