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16W LED Replacement Gear Tray Microwave

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Pod Lamps

16W LED Replacement Gear Tray Microwave

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Recently improved, The Pod Lamps 16W 2D LED microwave replacement gear tray is for use in Ecogold’s model 50695 Bulkhead or in any other 2D Lamp where you are able to fix the gear tray to the bulkhead base (the photograph illustrates how the gear tray will look when screwed into the base of the bulkhead).

The internal LED disc is simple in design and is very effective with its light output. The 36 x (51mmx30mm) LED SMD’s are placed in 3 circles in the centre of the metal disc whilst the LED driver,  microwave sensor and connector block is positioned to the outer side of the disc. The advantage of this is that the light output is not blocked by cables or the driver itself and therefore the unit has no black spots.

The Pod Lamps 16W 2D LED microwave gear tray will deliver a full 1650 lumen light output, many other 16W LED’s on the market at 16W will only produce 1300 lumens or less. The Ecogold unit is therefore almost the exact equivalent to a 28W emergency 2D bulkhead.

The microwave switch has been recently redesigned as a switched unit instead of a rotary and this means that now the installer can ensure all microwave units are set the same where there is more than one bulkhead installed ie in corridors etc.

In addition, the lamp has been manufactured with a heavy duty driver and high quality capacitor and will withstand up to 264V. The benefit of this higher than normal voltage is significant and protects the lamp from any surge in power that would normally over load the circuit and reduce the life of the LED.

Suitable for both domestic and commercial applications – Trade enquiries welcome


  • Uses only 16Watts of energy
  • Energy Rating A+
  • 4000 Kelvin (Cool White in colour)
  • 1650 lumen (light output)
  • CRI ˃75
  • 3 year warranty for long commercial life
  • Manufactured to 240V (will withstand up to 264V)
  • Diameter 260mm
  • Complete Bulkheads also available separately
  • 240lumen on standby emergency mode
  • Other models available

Energy Saving Values:

  • A real saving of 43% compared with a 28W 2D bulkhead

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